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IDEMIA is the leading U.S. provider of identity solutions designed to simplify, protect, and secure people's lives.

Our solutions support the goal of “One Person, One Identity:" verifying that applicants are who they claim to be, reducing fraud, enhancing national security, and delivering the highly secure credentials and processes on which Americans depend. We deliver complete solutions for the secure issuance of IDs, such as U.S. driver licenses and passports, as well as solutions for border management, law enforcement, retail, travel, and applicant vetting through the use of document authentication, data verification, and biometrics (iris, fingerprints, and face).

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As a newly refocused company, IDEMIA provides fully integrated solutions that cover the entire secure ID lifecycle.

IDEMIA is led by a highly experienced team of executives, each with deep expertise and success in their fields, and with a shared commitment to delivering value to IDEMIA, our employees, our customers, and the American people. Together, they bring over 60 years of executive management experience from fields such as software development, IT, technology, and manufacturing to business, finance, marketing, and operations. Our leadership team has an exceptional track record for transformation and turn-around performance through multiple mergers and acquisitions involving increasingly larger organizations.

IDEMIA's Chief Executive Officer is Didier Lamouche, a seasoned leader with over 30 years' experience in the semiconductor, I.T., and wireless industries. Prior to his appointment as IDEMIA CEO, Lamouche served as CEO of Oberthur Technologies S.A. since 2013.